Margit Lipstuhl

LipsiART story

First, there was painting

Welcome to the Wonderful World of LipsiART, my name is Margit Lipstuhl, and I was born an artist

I have always been fascinated in everything that is genuine and unique, seeing with an artistic eye abundance and beauty everywhere. Not just beautiful, but a constant intertwining with being fully engaged in the moment, which then allows that beauty to emerge into a fuller, deeper sense of depth. I absolutely love the way energy transforms, and see its potential everywhere. It is homecoming and trust.

From the canvas painting to the fabrics journey to the Woman

From the very brush strokes of my canvas paintings, that began with a story, that is now transferred into fabrics, varied styles of clothing, fashion accessories, home decor and gift products that can bring joy to both giver and wearer. First and foremost, each and every item is lovingly handcrafted and is a masterpiece of it ‘s own, and in the final results there is the essence of the woman. Each and every piece is a walking work of art, that feels personal and uniquely hers. My painting s now have been turned into different energy forms.

Margit Lipstuhl

LipsiART Vision

LipsiArt has been created in 2020, to touch and speak personally with every woman, helping them to realize their unbounded potentials, and innate power. It the world, where Art, Fashion, and Design meets from first paint brush stroke to last stitch of Tailor’s needle, that you can wear and take with you everywhere you go. Every piece, starting from the eye – catching outerwear, glam loungewear or gift products is high quality, handcrafted with elegance and a dash of daring, a true conversation piece. LipsiART units everything that helps you shine confident to the world, feel gratitude and limitless love, while looking glamorous and sheering your inner invisible big world and landscape.

We Welcome you to gaze here on our webpage and find a inspiration for yourself and for your loved ones.
In addition to items found here, we offer the possibility to adapt or create unique item for you designed from your own idea into a big and divine unique gift which is as personal as the owner:
– size, colors of details, patterns and design etc
– products with logos and symbolic of brands
– paintings of your theme
Every occasion or situation can be visualized by you and through love, care and close communication by us realized into a product

There is always thought where the big things happen and dreams can be true.
Write and let us know and we will find best solution for you

Born in the heart and kissed with the soullips

Margit Lipstuhl, the founder of LipsiART

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