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LipsiArt has been created in 2020, to touch and speak personally with every woman, helping them to realize their unbounded potentials, and innate power. It the world, where Art, Fashion, and Design meets from first paint brush stroke to last stitch of Tailor’s needle, that you can wear and take with you everywhere you go. Every piece, starting from the eye – catching outerwear, glam loungewear or gift products is high quality, handcrafted with elegance and a dash of daring, a true conversation piece.

How the idea of the Kimono was born

I love the idea of being able to wear one unique piece of clothing in various ways. It gives you the opportunity to reuse your own closet to the fullest.…
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How the idea for the Rosie Roses line was born

The idea for the Rosie Roses line came to be through a story about The Color’s Queen. One summer, The Color’s Queen shared her story with The Flower’s Queen. She…
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Unique gift ideas for this holiday season

The holiday season and special occasions are always fast approaching but being able to think of unique gift ideas isn’t always such a fast process. However, you don’t have to…
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The changing and not so changing trends

Over the years there have been countless trends that come but then go just as fast. Nevertheless, there are also those that have come and stayed.  Have a look at…
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